Clear, effective wireframes are key to driving engagement and conversion.

As with many tasks, there’s an endless number of routes you can take on the path to creating a great website. However, as any expert will tell you, there are certain steps everyone must take if they want an end product that is beautiful, intuitive and effective. One such step is the process known as wireframing. The foundation on which the entire project is built, wireframing refers to the layouts that outline the placement of items such as features, navigation and conversion areas. And while there’s no real detail to them, they do provide an overall blueprint for the final product. Much like building a home, without a proper plan in place, you’re simply left to create without any guidelines, which could spell disaster in the end. But, if you’re still not convinced as to why wireframing can and should guide your next web project, let’s take a look at 7 advantages it creates:

1. Visual Architecture

When you take the time to lay out a site, visually, you remove much of the guesswork that comes with relying on a list of links. Not only will this help when making initial adjustments, but it also reduces the burden of the client, because there is less explaining required from the team.


2. Clarification of Content

An advantage your SEO team will love, this process allows you to better understand the hierarchy of information and place it accordingly. And, again, by seeing these details positioned prior to creative input, it will assist with the client’s understanding of the decision-making process. In the same regard, allowing your internal team to absorb these details upfront can ultimately help determine which features should be added or removed, based on the overall structure.


3. Ease of Updates

As we all know, websites are dynamic and should be created as such. By allowing this crucial step in the development process, you can effectively plan for updates, growth and expansion. This is especially helpful for e-commerce sites, as inventories are always fluctuating and new products may be introduced down the road.


4. Save Time

When you plan ahead, the rest of the process becomes more intuitive for everyone involved. Content creators know their constraints; developers have a better understanding of what it is they’re building; designers can be more calculated in their creations; and the whole project becomes much more streamlined overall. The bottom line is that it allows everyone to be on the same page, because they all have the same information and insight.


5. Help Create CTAs

Colors and styles are important, but nothing beats a hard-hitting call-to-action. So, by objectively viewing the site without its design elements, it allows both the agency and the client to focus on the true purpose of the site, while determining the overall experience customers should have.


6. Push Usability

One of the most important advantages of this process has to do with the customer experience. Not only do wireframes pinpoint potential flaws in the project, but it also gives a much better idea of how specific features will work. By eliminating any pitfalls or shortcomings, you’re able to create a more productive development process, as well as a more engaging final product.


7. Improve Feedback

The earlier you’re able to procure feedback on a project, the better. That’s why, before creative and branding elements ever enter the fold, it’s best to ensure your blueprint is sound. Wireframes allow for more opinions to be shared upfront, as to not impede the process once other teams become involved. It’s a win/win for everyone.

As you can see, the wireframing process has a rather important role to play in website development. By taking the extra time to ensure the groundwork is done, you create a more sound client/agency experience that will benefit everyone. This is why it’s best to work with an experienced digital agency that is proficient in this process and fully understands its advantages. Why leave it to chance, when you can build it with confidence?

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