SEO for contractors increases ranking against competitors to capture users who are searching for their services.

Think of the last search you have personally done for a service and recount how many times you clicked on page 2,3, or the 4th page of the search results? By increasing online visibility, there are more chances of a user becoming a future client because there are an abundance of options. Search Engine Optimization for contractor services should be the second priority below having an up to date website!

Attract New Business Through SEO

The right budget can outbid the competition for businesses that opt for paid advertisements such as social media marketing or pay per click ads which will ensure your business is at the top of the search results. However, unlike paid advertisements, SEO does not stop bringing in traffic once you stop paying your marketing agency. Consumers with a large purchase orders will do their research before picking one contractor and by ranking higher in search results, your business will be the first to catch their attention. Make sure to catch them during their initial search, their research phase, and when they’re ready to reach out. As consumers are more informed, they will type various search terms as they learn new terminology. If possible, ranking for each new topic searched will keep the business name at the top of mind. Imagine how strong a brand becomes when a user searching for five different topics, and at each search, the business is one of the first results?

What it takes to rank on the first page of search engines

SEO is a mix of technical, local, content, and off-page strategies. SEO takes months to years to dominate the search results because of a variety of strategies that need to work together to show search engines your services match what people are searching for at that moment. A great SEO agency will set the expectation that results will happen but not overnight. Below are some tactics an agency, freelancer, or in-house specialist should implement for home contractors.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO or On-Page SEO is ensuring the website is friendly for humans and robots! Meta tags are opportunities to capture a user once the search engine returns the results. Tags are snippets of text that tells search engines what your site is about whether they are title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, etc. An SEO agency will audit your site and provide recommendation as to what text should go in these fields to give your site the edge against competitors.

404 Pages are inactive or broken pages on the site. Sometimes, pages break or moved which causes an error. Too many of these and Google will hand out penalties for poor user experience. An SEO agency will find these errors and at minimum, redirect them to the correct pages for a better user experience.

Site speed is determined by running a page speed test. A fast loading site helps with a positive user experience and signals to search engines users are willing to engage upon landing on the site which helps to boost rankings.

Keywords are still important for on page optimizations especially for contractors who strategize towards local SEO. By having keywords that revolve around a specific topic allows your site to dominate that keyword as long as it is of quality and others share the piece. An agency will run a keyword audit and suggest the top keywords to build content around and will optimize towards that goal.

Lastly, by not having an ugly website ensures engagement upon users landing on the site. Although this is not an SEO issue and more falls onto your web designer, SEO agencies can provide recommendations as to which elements will make the most impact to generate new business. At the very least, an SEO agency will be given access to your analytics to determine where users engage with the site.

Local SEO

Local SEO for remodeling and construction services is optimizing your business for relevant queries within your neighborhood. A recent study found that 80% of disposable income is spent within 20 miles of home. Brick and mortar stores along with construction services are prime for local SEO but ensuring the site is mobile friendly is a pre-requisite to take advantage of traffic.

Once your site is mobile friendly, registering under Google My Business, Bing Places, etc is the cornerstone of Local SEO.


Content is still king and serves two parts for generating demand. Content on blogs allows you to rank on search engines for targeted keywords and to push potential clients down the purchase funnel during their researching phase. Blog content serves to have your brand found when a user is beginning their buying journey such as a potential client browsing for kitchen ideas. Once found, a variety of articles serve to inform the potential client by highlighting the value your company provides over the competition. About 68% of consumers research the product before making initial contact and by building content around what your consumers are researching, it places your company on the short list of services once they are ready to reach out.

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO takes the amazingly informative content on your site and blasts them to other bloggers who might be interested in your findings. Does your construction company have a faster method for kitchen remodeling? Are you utilizing next level technology when designing room additions or home extensions? Did you learn something new on the last build? These are tidbits of information that are shareworthy and signals to search engines you are an industry leader which deserves the top spots in your geographical area. An SEO agency can take the arduous task of finding people who are interested in sharing your content and passing content their way.

SEO services for contractors is pivotal in generating new business at all hours of the day. Mobile alone counts for 82% of traffic and 80% of shoppers do their research before buying online. If 80% of shoppers will research their next shoe purchase, it is safe to assume they will research multiple contractors before making a final decision. An SEO agency equipped to handle your technical, on-page, off-page, and content creation will ensure your services remain on the short list of potential buyers.

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