SEO can be overwhelming; understanding the fundamentals are key to driving visibility.

The number of websites has been increasing exponentially year by year. As a result, search engines are becoming highly reliable medium for Internet users to seek information. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was thus born. But how can you optimize your website for search engines in order to gain organic traffic for free? Good question! There are so many SEO essential elements or best practices, but the main principles are simple. We've share a few basic ones that are likely to stand in the coming years. If you bear these in mind when optimizing your site, it is highly possible that your site will flourish in the future. Hold on, when we say the future, it means at least several months instead of days, because it takes time to tackle all elements of SEO.

Fresh Dynamic Content

When your site offers constant and consistent content updates, you give users more reason to visit frequently. If you have a static site that offers the same information day after day, you aren’t compelling users to visit more than once. They will find the information they need and disappear into the vast landscapes of the Internet. That’s why it’s important to offer items such as blogs, social media feeds, games or other relevant items that can draw user interest again and again.


Leverage Experts

Are you friends with an authority in your field? Is one of your employees well known for their work? Utilize it. Name recognition goes a long way on the Internet. In a land where everyone has an opinion, influential users will seek out recognizable figures and reports. Whether it’s a guest blog, an article snippet or a quote from the head of a major corporation, it will help drive users to your site.


Develop Optimized Content

When you optimize your site’s content for search engines, you drastically increase your chances of having your site seen by new users. That’s because when you utilize SEO, you’re allowing search engine algorithms to better index your content. And that puts your site higher on the results page. In fact, the more relevant the search engine believes your site to be, the higher it will go. This is crucial when trying to garner the attention of specific and influential users.


Keep it Clean

If you want users to frequent and spread word of your site, you have to make sure they can find their way around. A clean and simple site allows users to find exactly what they need without frustrating clutter. It also allows them to share the exact content they want without hassle. This is where a good UX/UI design firm will come in handy. They’ll learn your company inside and out to deliver a site that not only suits your needs but also attracts the users you’re looking for.


Links and More Links

Whatever you do, don’t isolate your website to one corner of the Internet. Whether you have a blog or a Twitter feed, be sure to link to relevant articles on other sites or promote news items within your industry. This not only helps with SEO, but it also shows users that you’re well entrenched within your category. People could begin to look at you as an authority, which means they will begin to share your site on their sites, social media accounts or by word of mouth. When you get others talking and doing the work for you, your site is sure to prosper.

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