You are injured in an accident, 300 miles away from your primary doctor. What do you do?

Searching for an urgent care facility when someone is hundreds of miles away from home is just one of many instances’ users decide to seek medical treatment and being one of the first options to populate after a user conducts a search is vital to gain a new patient.

Whether you want to increase your patient list or increase procedures done at your facility, local SEO is a lucrative marketing channel that will drive clients to your website at all hours of the day.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is optimizing your site for users within your geographical area to allow them to find your business in real life. There are only a few businesses that benefit from this faction of SEO as the services provided are performed at the facility. Local SEO for urgent care centers is essential as users searching for these types of services are ready to visit immediately.

Firstly, be mobile-friendly

A mobile friendly website is the foundation of a successful local SEO strategy. Users who search for services are 82% likely conduct their search on their smart phones and about 60% of users click on the first few results. As a mobile friendly site is considered a ranking factor, having a positive user experience on the site helps drive potential patients by keeping them engaged enough to want to convert. As local search happens when users are on the go, having a site optimized for mobile will ensure patients that land on the site do not bounce out.

Claiming Google My Business

The next crucial step to a solid local SEO strategy is claiming your Google My Business page! By filling out your business address hours of operation, phone number, website URL, and including photos of the establishment all work in your favor to inform future patients. Some may choose your urgent care center solely based on the distance while others may see your hours of operation the deciding factor. When someone is injured, the two questions that are likely to influence their decision are “how far is the nearest urgent care facility?” and “are they open right now?” Pictures of the facility was also a nice addition to know what to look for as we approached the area.

Importance of Reviews

That afternoon, I came across two urgent care centers miles apart and both open. One facility beat their competitor by half a star and if I were willing to drive the extra few miles, the higher rated facility would have been my first choice. However, distance from my current location, and the clinching pain were the ultimate deciding factors. Reviews are another deciding factor for new patients if all other criteria remain equal. The rise of Yelp and other review sites give a glimpse of the experience at the facility. By asking for reviews from previous patients, it helps for future business. Review sites like Yelp dominate the search results and often hold the first organic search result. By having reviews on Google, Yelp, Bing, and other sites helps your facility even if review sites outrank you.

Optimize Tags

Tags are snippets of text that tells search engines what your site is about whether they are title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, etc. An SEO agency will audit your site and provide recommendation as to what text should go in these fields to give your site the edge against competitors. Local structured markup or schema is a set of code that lets search engines read your Name Address Phone (NAP) data and an SEO agency should be able to add to your website. Without getting too technical, schema allows search engines to pick relevant information about your site and display it in snippets when a user is searching for something related to your services.

Local Content

As you are part of the community, having news and updates about the community helps elevate your brand within the geography. Local events that your brand can promote, write about, or support shows authority within the community and great for SEO. By also including the city of operation such as San Jose urgent care in your content helps search engines index the site for geography based searches.

Authority figure

By creating unique content for your site, you can become an authoritative figure in the healthcare field with blog posts, videos, patient testimonials, and interviews, as well as information on medical breakthroughs or changes in the industry.

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