Website copywriting isn’t just about crafting promotional text. It’s an art form.

Let’s face it: copy is a strategic tool we harness to create resonant connections with our would-be customers, future clients, and the greater world around us. Good copy is more than a selling point for a product or service; it’s the gateway to crafting experiences, emotions, and full-on personal journeys. But what’s the key, the blueprint that turns average copy into a captivating story for your audience? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

The art of connection

Excellent website copy doesn’t just inform; it transforms opinions and needs, guiding users to that pivotal moment of conversion, that vital “click” we all hope for — whether it’s requesting your demo, downloading your app, or acquiring that (suddenly) must-have product.

Take the Apple Watch, for instance. Are most consumers pre-ordering or queuing up on drop dates for its technical prowess, like the S4 64-bit dual-core processor? Or is the promise of a more connected self and brand identity worn on the wrist what seals the deal? Apple is a master of the art of connection – they’re selling more than tech specs and a lifestyle.

That’s the number one philosophy you should remember when writing copy. It’s not just about the product; it’s the story it tells and the feelings it evokes.

The power of storytelling

In the Baunfire playbook, storytelling is a not-so-secret weapon. Our goal is to turn data and features into compelling narratives. The first step to accomplishing this? Understand why people gravitate towards your product or service and weave them into captivating stories.

Brands like Patagonia don’t just talk about their outdoor gear; they talk about the adventures, the ethos, and the lifestyle their gear enables. By giving voice to the personal stories of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, they’re inspiring customers to explore further and become a part of the story.

Once your customers are emotionally engaged, they’re open to exploring what else you have to offer. With Patagonia, it’s the inspiration of taking part in an unforgettable experience that compels us to wear their iconic ¼ zip fleece, even if we’re not about to hike up a mountain.

Crafting human-centric copy

While data can bolster your storytelling, never let it overshadow the human element of your writing. Our team champions a human-first approach in all things. It’s essential to recognize and address the needs – the pain points – of your customers and talk directly to them. Here are a few things to consider:

Avoid the jargon. Opt for clarity and simplicity.

Know your audience intimately. Speak to them directly.

Embrace brevity. Respect your audience’s time with concise messaging.

Explain unfamiliar terms. Create accessibility for all readers.

Prioritizing benefits over features

Different audiences have different triggers. That’s why different types of purchases call for different types of marketing. While you might attract certain online customers with the nitty-gritty details of a product’s features, the majority acknowledge the benefits those features bring into our lives first and foremost. Here’s a new mantra when writing copy: Focus on benefits, not just features.

Let’s look at Nike’s approach to copy and ad campaigns. Nike doesn’t just sell athletic wear; they sell a promise of performance, a dream of physical prowess. They’re not marketing shoes; they’re marketing a faster, stronger, better you. Quite literally, they’ve moved beyond advertising into popular expression. The slogan “Just Do It” has been around since 1988 and has become their mantra of empowerment and a connection to their consumers. Although product specifications can make or break a purchase, we’re still attracted to the details of why something will improve our life, not just how.

Go beyond concrete features. How does your product elevate life? Does it bring security, joy, and status? You can save the tech talk for later. Hook your audience first, then reel them in with the specifics.

Building trust for a loyal relationship

In marketing, building trust is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s about laying down a foundation of honesty and respect. If your product isn’t a miracle worker, don’t oversell it. Be honest, support your claims, stick to your narrative, and keep it human. At the end of the day, it’s about respect. Never underestimate your audience. They’re savvy, they’re informed. Treat them as such, and they’ll reward you with loyalty.

Baunfire’s blueprint for copy-driven conversion

While data can bolster your storytelling, never let it overshadow the human element of your writing. Our team champions a human-first approach in all things. It’s essential to recognize and address the needs – the pain points – of your customers and talk directly to them. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Benefits, not features: Create an emotional connection. Highlight the real value your product brings to the table.

2. Tell compelling stories: Steer clear of the mundane. Share narratives that resonate on a human level.

3. Keep it human-centric: Remember what you also value as a consumer. Be clear and relatable.

4. Build trust, keep trust: Honesty and respect are your tools. Validate your claims, but above all, stay genuine.

Crafting website copy that converts is about more than words on a page. It’s about building relationships, understanding your audience, and fostering trust. It’s a blend of art, strategy, and connection. Follow these principles, and watch as your copy evolves from mere text to a powerful conduit of conversion.

Build a stronger content strategy with Baunfire

As we kick off 2024, it’s evident that striking, sustainable design and savvy copywriting are more crucial for success than ever before — especially in the competitive B2B landscape. Like any area of expertise, well-developed and executed design and copy require research, planning, and input from an experienced team with a track record that screams ‘outstanding results.’

If your website’s messaging or design isn’t supporting your brand’s efforts as best it could, now’s the time to engage with an experienced partner. Baunfire’s versatile team of designers, copywriters, and strategists is ready to help your brand succeed. Follow our page for more insights on design and content mastery.

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