Exceed your customers' expectations when they land on your brand's corporate website.

What draws potential customers to a brand's website? It’s a question that many businesses and marketers navigate on the day-to-day, especially in the competitive B2B enterprise space. But driving traffic is just one piece of the puzzle; we should also be asking what influences users to actually engage with our websites and ultimately convert. After all, without action, they’re all just eyes on a page. Fortunately, the answer to both questions is the same — it’s relevancy. If your site isn’t relevant to the users’ needs, they won’t visit it. If what your site is offering isn’t relevant, they won’t take action. So, let’s take a look at five steps to build relevancy, convey it to the right audiences, and deliver a memorable web experience for users.

1. Sprinkle Breadcrumbs with Intention

The first step in the process is showing users you exist. This can be done through any combination of social media, banner ads, SEO, or off-line practices to raise awareness for your site. Simply put, if the audience doesn’t know you exist, they’ll never have a chance to visit. Of course, you can’t just put any information out there. You have to offer it up in the right context. This allows everyone to see they’re on the right track for what they’re looking for.

The second step is to build a memorable landing experience. If you drive these interested users to your site and immediately turn them off with a low-quality homepage, all of that work was for naught. Be sure to highlight the most relevant portions of the site and provide users with enough persuasive information that it drives them to dig even further.

2. Influence Through Meaningful Relationships

You have to get to know your target audience and adapt to their ever-changing needs. What they were looking for yesterday might be completely different from what they are looking for today. You must always be in tune with the goals of the audience and ensure you’re helping them take the necessary steps to get there. A great way to achieve this is through influence. If you are able to build meaningful relationships with these users, you can influence them to tell you more about their wants and needs. In turn, you can then use your tactics to better influence others like them, who are still weighing out the benefits of your product or brand.

3. Build a Dynamic, Connected Experience

You want your users to know that they made a good decision by visiting your site. This starts with utilizing similar copy on both your site and your ads. It will immediately ease the stress and anxiety of visiting a new site and let them know they’ve landed in the right place. From there, you need to connect with your audience by giving them multiple reasons to stay on your site and revisit again and again. This can be done in a variety of ways—such as through videos, gamification, dynamic content, social streams, contests, etc.—but it’s all dependent on what your users are looking for.

4. Leverage Powerful Keywords

The right keywords are a representation of the user’s thoughts, and they help influence desired actions when leveraged effectively. So by sprinkling them throughout your site, they’ll immediately begin to feel more at ease with their decision, because a connection has been made on an entirely different level. Of course, you can’t just bombard these individuals with a slew of loaded words. You need to ease them in amongst the highly relevant content that you’ve established within the previous steps. This allows them to flow naturally into the content provided, rather than feel as if they were shoehorned in.

5. Craft an Elevated Design Language

Curiosity and satisfaction are not mutual. Just because you’re able to draw a pair of eyes to your site doesn’t mean they want to be there or that they’ll ever come back again. If you’ve done every other step correctly, you’re almost there. The final step you have to take is delivering a design that’s intuitive and easy-to-use. Without the right functionality or visual cues, the audience can still end up feeling lost or overwhelmed with the site, regardless of the information provided.

As with any site, a successful experience is created through a combination of quality execution, expertise, and service. These five steps form a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to drawing the right audience in and delivering what they’re looking for. Yet, when they are coupled with the skills of an accomplished digital agency such as Baunfire, you are empowered to build an online presence and brand story that go far beyond the page.

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